Tila tequila dating courtney

TO SEE THE REST OF THE PICS CLICK HERE Natalie Portman was also at the same event for Fashion week, probably getting paid…rocking some titty so I’ll just throw it into this post cuz who cares about doing another post….

I mean that’s too much effort…for such insignificant dog shit..

County Superior Court, Jaroslaw Jarczok claims he was working security last August at AM at PURE Nightclub when Courtenay was "quite intoxicated due to alcohol and/or chemical or other substances." He claims she got all foul-mouthed on him.US Women’s National Hockey Team got naked for ESPN….Reminding us all that Female Hockey players aren’t really anything I’d jerk off to, not in uniform and not really in naked form, but they are still fit, strong legged, have muscular round asses, and could probably put your dick through a real beating…She’s even been in a couple bands, making songs with titles like “I Fucked the DJ.” I bet you did!Clearly there’s some strong hints that she’s a lesbian at least on a part-time basis because in her philandering around LA she eventually hooked up with porn stars Kristina Rose and Charlie Laine.

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