Shia labeouf dating status

Over the past two months, the actor has posted multiple pictures with a woman mysteriously named “L”.

The most recent pic of “L” has a caption that reads, “I love my LA weekends with L.” Not much is known about this mysterious woman, but she and Gustin seem to be smitten with another… While one fan commented on the pic, “Ugh 😷 HES SUPPOSED TO BE FOR MEEEE 😭❤️”, another has written, “Don’t tell me they’re dating”.

They flirt and charm their way into selling a product that no one really wants.

Andrea Arnold, the British filmmaker who became a critics’ darling with movies like “Fish Tank” and “Wuthering Heights,” has directed “American Honey” in a style that might be described as hip-hop Dardenne brothers.

In recent months La Beouf's behaviour has become increasingly erractic, from starting a fight outside an LA strip club, to slapping fellow theatre-goers during a performance of Cabaret.

As the actor stages his latest performance art stunt, we track his eventful life: The actor is accused of stealing lyrics from a rap crew when he performed "freestyle".

A video of La Beouf , in which the Transformers star is seen shirtless and spitting while energetically rapping, went viral.

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