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James Cook University's Professor Iain Gordon echoed the sentiment in the room and said communities needed to take charge of developing strategies to get better outcomes for their senior citizens."We can't just expect Government to do all of this," Professor Gordon said."It is actually about how do we come up with our own local solutions and I think those local solutions have to be based on community and connection."Panellist Val Lowth said the extended family living together or even living in the same town was a rarity these days.

Ms Lowth said intergenerational relationships were vital and she advocated developing these connections in your neighbourhood."The tyranny of distance where the family have wandered off for work or whatever and they don't have access to the [extended family] that is where sometimes they miss out," Ms Lowth said.

Connecting older people with their communities could be the key to alleviating the isolation of older Australians.

That was one of the key findings of the Ageing in North Queensland 2016 symposium held in Townsville this week.

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