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In my book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating, I talked about the serial dater, the commitment-phobe who used technology to boost his ego, while telling seven women at the same time how much he loved them.

His addiction to technology prevented him from having a meaningful relationship, as he spent over five hours a day carefully crafting text messages and emails with the goal of making each woman the only one.

This news will be welcomed by the approximately 40 million Americans who use online dating sites, but every user should be aware and stay informed in order to best protect themselves from online predators.

Harris, issued a joint statement with executives from the three major dating sites (e Harmony,, and Spark Networks) outlining guidelines the companies have promised to follow to help protect the safety of online users of their sites.

Not for social media or interracial porn, but for dating.

Yes, I’ve said before that dating websites have given me all manner of losers along the spectra of social competency and appropriateness. If someone ever uses the phrase “social chances” within earshot, scream and run.

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They’ve been together for about 5 years, and he’s dutifully requested a family ring for the engagement; I predict a wedding within 18 months.

So it does happen, and those couples on the TV commercials aren’t lying.

These measures are becoming more necessary because of the explosion in use of online dating sites.

With everybody’s lives becoming busier, people traveling more, and relocating for work, fewer people have access to family and community connections near where they live that could result in introduction to a suitable romantic partner.

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