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I have found, at both schools, that whenever I bring up the homework issue with teachers or administrators, their response is that they are required by the state to cover a certain amount of material.

There are standardized tests, and everyone—students, teachers, schools—is being evaluated on those tests.

But that doesn't mean that the child who is different socially — whether it's due to learning problems or not — can't be included.

Your child can learn the social etiquette of play, how to avoid and resolve conflicts, and how to put herself in someone else's shoes.

The police were brutal and insensitive - I couldn't believe what was happening to me.' who had been attacked and that his teacher was the assailant.

After his release on bail, Mr Wren was suspended from his job - and the stress and humiliation of the situation almost destroyed his marriage.

Her sentence was capped at 30 years after she pleaded guilty.

Mr Wren, a man with an unblemished 15-year teaching career, reported the assault and simply assumed that the officers had a few questions to ask him.

What happened next came completely out of the blue.

My wife and I have noticed since she started there in February of last year that she has a lot of homework.

We moved from Pacific Palisades, California, where Esmee also had a great deal of homework at Paul Revere Charter Middle School in Brentwood.

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