Bob jones university dating rules dating december may

As high-profile as BJU tends to be, you are bound to hear some very unusual things.

--tradition that couples shall not display overt physical contact: hand-holding, hugging, kissing, arms around each other's shoulders, etc.I recommend you visit sometime: or at least take a look at a live webcam from front and blue markings on the sidewalks at a deaf camp frequented by BJU students who volunteer their time at that ministry.Ball games and other events are dating activities as well. We were both required to follow standard dormitory student guidelines.A: Reality Check: The root goal of dating, regardless of other motivations or objectives, is to find a mate. It is far more important to determine the spiritual condition and character of a person than to find out if they're great at "making out." The marital physical relationship will wax and wane during a lifetime of marriage; the character of the people in the relationship will be quite consistent and will be what you're really "living with."For a detailed inside look at dating "seriously" at BJU, please see the sidebar on BJU Marriages. Off-campus dates were chaperoned, and Jessica had a curfew.

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